Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Random Pics

Can you guess what did this?

Finally a Garden/Yard Work Weekend

I shouldn't be glad to have to clean my yard and work in the garden but they were both lookimg pretty shabby. Magnolia leaves all over the lawn and 4 foot tall weeds in the garden. I found lots of green beans hiding in the weeds along with cucumbers and I finally started harvesting my winter squash. I relocated my watermelon plants in the hopes that they might actually start growing. I planted one more crop of corn and got my broccoli, cauliflower, and broccoflower in the ground. The tomatoes are still way behind and the only two varieties I'm getting are Sungold and 4th of July. I'm not even getting any of my red cherry tomatoes yet. I can't remember any year when my garden was this late.

Monday, July 12, 2010

New Member of The Family

Max just joined the Damitz household. He brings with him a strong hunting drive and a great temperament. His addition will allow Drake to hunt a few additional years as he can have some rest days during the season now.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jamey Johnson - High Cost Of Living [ Music Video + Lyrics + Download ]

November Conondrum

I've been thinking more and more about the November elections and different propositions. I'm really undecided on the pot one. The Republican in me says vote no; it's a drug and even if it is no worse than alcohol it will add to our health care expenses as well as be a burden on society. The realist in me say's the war on drugs needs to be concentrated more on harder drugs and filling our courts and jails with pot smokers is a financial burden on society. It will be interesting to see which way the good citizens of California vote. Myself am currently undecided and more concerned with the way the country is going instead of whether someone can legally take a trip.

Todays' Partial Harvest

We have been digging up and eating bigger red La Soda and Sierra Gold potatoes for a few weeks now. Today I decided to dig up the rest. The purples (blues) are still a few weeks away from being ready. I've been getting this much grey zucchini every other day and this many cucumbers every 3-4 days. I harvested a couple of Ichiban eggplant yesterday, and onions are ready to go. I have been eating the few ripe tomatoes off the vine. None have made it to the house. I'll be harvesting green beans and some winter squash tomorrow. It's been a wierd, wierd year; my dill was done and harvested by this time last year. This year it's 3-4 inches tall and has already lost out to the sunflowers.

Yesterday's Wine: Today's Bounty

Yesteday's swap meet/Russian River Brewing Field trip was a huge success. I harvested a couple of pints of Pliny while sitting at the pub then filled my 2 growlers up for this weeks consumption, 4000 milliliters of double hopped goodness.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Second Fish

Took Seth fishing today as I decided ro take a break from my current remodel project. He caught his first fish ever a bluegill then he caught this fish, a 5 pound bass. He ended up catching 2 more fish including another 3 pound bass. Hopefully I can squeeze in some gardening sunday. My weeds are 3 feet tall in the old garden and I seriously need to get out there. Tomorrow though is for my annual Landcruiser swap meet pilgrimage to Petaluma and a side trip to Russian River Brewing in Santa Rosa to pick up a couple growlers of Pliny the Elder.


For Mr. Bird

We've had a house guest all week. The porch cat has really enjoyed him as she has received 1-2 hours of this attention daily.