Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall is Busting Out

All my fall hummingbird and bee flowers are blooming.

The Garden Is Still Putting Out

The garden is still producing 8-10 tomatoes a week, 1-2 cucumbers, 5-6 bell peppers, and quite a few okra pods. I plan on ripping out the plants that aren't producing anymore by sunday. The rest I'll pull around the first.

Monday, October 17, 2011

My Grass Has Flatlined

Well the easiest and one of the least expensive parts of my front yard (can you call it a yard with no grass?) redo is done. Now comes lots of digging, packing and placing 180 garden blocks, backfilling with dirt, planting plants, running a drip system and spreading 10 yards of bark/mulch. I actually already dug back the wall and dug holes for plants on the small 20 foot side on sunday. I can feel it in my back.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Annie's Fall Party

Here are some pictures from Annie's Fall Planting Party. I went down to pick up some plants for the front yard.

My Current Project

I'm starting my front lawn removal project. This is the before picture. The lawn is currently a nice shade of dead. I'm going to hit it with Remuda one more time this next saturday and wait a week then the work begins. I'm going to bring the fromt lawn close to level. That will involve a couple hundred garden blocks and a few yards of fill dirt and topsoil. I'll need to plant all my low water usage plants in a good potting soil and I am installing an automatic drip system. To finish it off for now I'll need to put out 8-10 yards of bark and leaves from a tree trimmer. In the spring I'll be installing several raised planters including a pyramid for strawberries. These will be on a seperate drip line. I'll post pictures as it progresses.

Getting Rid of the Oldest

This took a good part of my September free time and a fair amount of my discretationary spending. Of course my outfit was dictated by the wedding party. I was planning on wearing slacks, a button up and a vest.

Rediscovering a Past Favorite

This year I planted Okra again. I haven't grown it for 8-10 years. I had forgotten how good it is in stir frys or cooked into some stewed or fresh tomatoes. The 6 plants I planted have been more than enough for us and to giveaway until the recent cold weather slowed down these hot weather loving plants.

MIA No MO (plus some catch up posts)

I've been really busy but mainly too frustrated to post. My 2006 Compaq desk top has become extremely slow and prone to locking up. I've tried to download pictures to blog but have quit in frustration every time. Since today I have a useless holiday and my plans of cleaning my basement (Did I previously mention we currently no longer have any adult children at home?)have been put on hold with the rain as I don't want to walk water all over the basement floor as I haul out garbage and items my kids didn't want. I'm going to try to get back to posting regularly.

Here's a couple of pics from back in September when the garden was still producing regularly.