Sunday, September 23, 2012

Random Flower Shots

Random Pollinator Shots

The Mantis Eats a Pollinator

The New Fence

Part of my summer was spent building a back yard fence to keep the dogs in and others out. I was going to build a wire fence and let the oleanders grow back through but decided with Roseville becoming more metropolitan I decided to build something a little more substantial and private. I finished this about 2 weeks before the driveby at the fairgrounds 100 yards away from my house.

Some of The Harvests

This year has been great for productivity for everything except the corn I tried in the front yard. I found out the preemittered lines I bought did not put out enough water. They've been replaced now.
I've made gallons of freezer salsa, freezer jam and spaghetti sauce. Next year I'm going to start canning again. Time to build up the jar supply again since I gave them away a few years ago.

Rat War

This would have been my best year ever if it weren't for the rats from the fairgrounds. They've been sampling almost all the peppers and a good portion of the tomatoes. Since I don't like to use any pesticides I've been trapping them and the porch cat has been helping also.

The Front Yard