Sunday, May 13, 2012

Drip Goes Here in November.

The two native/low water areas I planted a year ago grew too fast this spring for me to get drip in there without breaking plants so it will have to wait until November when I cut back the perennials. In the meantime I'm going to do one more project and put in a 6' wound horse fence. I'll let my oleanders grow back through it so the neighbors in the alley won't have to look at a barren wood fence. They'll still have a decent view out their windows and I'll get security and privacy one the oleanders are thick enough.Here's some pictures of the area I'll be adding drip to in the fall.

The Garden Gets Drip

This early spring's project was to install drip for my raised garden. I ran pvc along the fence and drip off of that. It is on 2 circuits controlled by an irrigation timer and valves. I also added 4 blueberries to the lineup. Unfortunately my Misty has died.

Front Yard

I am down to only needing one more plant and the current plants to fill in for my front yard to be finished. Everything in the ground is native or at least low water usage. Th raised boxes contain edibles. I installed a drip system with 3 valves running the various circuits.

Random Pics

This is my first entry on the new blogger. We went to Annie's Spring Party and were on the winning snail spoon carry race team. We used the two $50 gift certificates to buy my wife 2 rusty flowers and all our plants. Here's some random pictures my wife took.