Saturday, May 22, 2010

Garden Update

The potatoes are flowering and the cauliflower is growing heads. I'm trying using tiewire this year to hold the leaves closed over the heads instead of string. It looks like it will be a big success and I can hang them on the back of the shed until I need to use them again.


  1. Nice looking cauliflower Greg. When did you put it in? I'll have to try it for next year.

  2. I've read that when the potatoes start flowering that's when you can start poching some new potatoes. Mine arent flowering yet so I'll have to wait. Got them in kinda late.

  3. I put the cauliflower in last fall and it sulked all winter. It is not any bigger or earlier than when I transfer started plants in mid-february.

    I have some new potatoes I had to cover up with dirt. I'll wait until 2 weeks after the plants die off and harvest whole potatoes then.