Sunday, September 13, 2009

Life Gets in the Way

The transition of the garden from summer to fall is in full swing and about half accomplished. The radishes are growing like weeds, the kale is coming up great, and the potatoes are doing tremendous. On the other hand the lettuce succumbed to the heat, snails and mourning doves. The broccolli and cauliflower I started from seed grew to tall and skinny searching for sunlight from inside the house. I abandoned them and purchased some started plants from Green Acres. I have 12 broccolli, 12 cauliflower, and 4 red cabbage growing quite well now. I still have Walla Walla onions to get in the ground, a huge mess of Banana Squash vines to pull , and snap peas to be planted in their place. It's almost fall and time for my favorite activities. I've been busy getting all the honey dos done such as a new kitchen floor and a new kitchen range installed. I did sneak off for a mountain quail/ grouse hunt saturday but only ended up with 3 mountain quail. I'll add some pictures tomorrow. One more major project to go ( redo the hallway)and then a nice break over winter before redoing 3 bedrooms in late spring.

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