Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The King is Mine

After 35 years on duck hunting The King is finally mine. I went and hunted in a floating blind 2 weeks ago with the sole purpose of acquiring a Canvasback for my waterfowl of North America taxidermy collection. The day started out getting stuck for an hour behind an accident on Hwy 12. That coupled with a full moon, no weather and the wrong tide had expectations low. The 7 mile boat ride to my friends blind took a long time as the boat had a prop with an altered pitch due to running in the sand a week earlier. The morning was slow but a few birds were harvested just not the Canvasback I desired. We were to quit at noon as my friend needed to work that evening. At 11:55 a flock of birds came shooting by and were misidentified as Northern Pintail. We realized they were Cans and with a few grunts on the diver call they banked and proceeded across the front of the decoy spread. Shots rang out and my taxidermy Canvasback was on the water. A perfect retrieve by my friends dog "The Demon" and "The King" was in hand.

The King

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