Sunday, February 14, 2010

Good Luck

Haven't posted in quite awhile. I've been duck hunting and had taken a break from the garden for a couple months. The other day my wife noticed some oriental people outside our livingroom window cutting sticks off a bush of ours that growns in the alley. She went out and asked them what they were doing and they explained they were Hmong and they needed the flowers to bring themselves, their families, and their friends Good Luck. I told her to let them take all they wanted. I just hope they left me some good luck.




Of course if they did harvest too much of my luck I do have this little fellow I picked up for $1 at a yard sale. He's going on the fence.


  1. I love garden Gargoyles. I think they help keep the peace in the garden when we're not looking.

    I got here after seeing your post to Bill Bird's Sacto gardener blog. If you end up needing to buy some tomato and other veggie starts, you may want to check out the "Orangevale Tomato Man" (Tony Lord). He sells tomato starts out of his place in Orangevale, and his website is here:

    And lastly, I wonder how old Old Gray Beard is. My black lab is 10, and she's Old Gray Muzzle these days. Looks like Gray Beard still has a love of the hunt - which is very cool indeed. Labs are such amazing dogs.

  2. Drake will be 10 in May. He's hunted marshes his whole life so it is a hard 10. I may need to hit up the Orangevale Tomato Man. I'll know in a few weeks. Thanks for the link.