Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Boss Tries a Few Hummingbird Pictures

My wife was really enthralled with the number of hummingbirds at my brother's house in the country in Washington. They just kept coming and coming to the feeders. The hummers drink over a gallon of sugar solution a day.

The boss.

The hummers.

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  1. It's like that in the National Parks too. My sister, the National Park Ranger, would hang gallons of the stuff from trees and you could hear an army of them coming from a mile away. If your heart could take the stress, you could stand right next to the feeder and put your fingers up. They dart and angrily buzz right next to your ears like they're going to drill into your brain. But patience is rewarded a few minutes later when one or two lands out outstretched fingers near the feeder and begins to feed...