Sunday, June 6, 2010

For the birds.

Picked up this today to hopefully feed the sparrows. They have been trying unsuccessfully to eat the corn and large seeds that are for the blue jays. This will add to the finch socks, dove food, peanuts for the jays, dove nesting cones and assorted watering /bathing sources.


  1. Greg,
    I'm trying to attract doves to my yard. i can hear some in the neighborhood but they never show up in my yard. Got any tips? and what is a nesting cone?

  2. A nesting cone is a 12" diameter hardware cloth circle with a 4" pie slice cut out and the edges brought together to form a cone. There are many great piuctorials and directions on the web. I love having doves in the yard but they can be hard on the seedlings in the garden. Doves love safflower seed and thistle as well.