Sunday, June 27, 2010

Father's Day Trip For the Bees and Hummers

I spent an hour of Father's Day afternoon at Green Acres nursery watching all the different types of bees at work. There were different types of honey bees , Carpenter Bees and Mason Bees buzzing around the vast assortment of bushes and flowers. My interest was to see which flowers they seemed to prefer and utilize the most. After deciding on the flowers most likely to be beneficial to the bees that frequent my yard I purchased them and returned home. I also chose two flowers that might coax the hummingbird back that used to live in my pine tree out front before the tree trimmers cut the branch off with her nest on it. I planted them in a group that allows both full sun varieties on one side and partial sun varieties on the other.
After 3 hours of time invested and around $50 for plants the bees still prefer the Salvia, Lavender, and Sunflowers we already had.

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