Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Klamath Falls Garage Sale Buy

I bought this windmill at a a garage sale next door to where I moved by brother in law to. The price was right at $15. The condition of the paint was poor and it was missing a tail piece. My wife has wanted one of these for quite a few years. I just never could bring myself to pay $180 for $30 worth of material. After getting it home last week it sat until yesterday when I started repainting it and making a tail for it.

In keeping with the frugal theme (I didn't want to put $30 worth of paint on a $15 windmill)I headed for the mismixed paint table at Home Depot. I was able to get the quart of white for $1 and the 2 reds and the blue for $.50 each.I needed a yellow and a black. I was able to talk the girl at the paint counter into changing a beige to a yellow at $.50 and she tried to change a light gray into black but it didn't get past dark gray. I ended up paying the full price of $4.24 for Rustoleum black. I repainted the whole thing and built a tail out of some 2X12 I had laying around. Not a bad lawn ornament for $22 and some change.

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