Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Sure Sign Of Fall

I spied the sign on my way home today that fall was truly here. I just had to pick one up.
Delicious and a true taste of fall.

October has been a way to busy month for me with the Firefighter's BBQ and all that goes with it, trying to finish stripping, texturing and painting the last redo room in the house, intergrating a new logistic's computer program at work, readying the outside of the house for winter as well as the opening of duck season. I still haven't pulled my tomato plants nor my late corn stalks, which by the way the corn was sweet and wondrous last week after the storm blew them down. I've about a week left on the room and a few winterizing home projects to do still. I'm going to do my final harvest of all summer items on tuesday when it's dry and warm then maybe try to get a few more cool season vegetables in.

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