Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hang It and Many Birds Will Come

I had been lamenting the fact that the seed bags I bought and hung were not attracting any finches the first 4 days I had them up. Starting yesterday morning a few finches showed up. Today there's atleast a hundred or so in the sycamore in my back yard and another 50 or so in the pine tree out front. The hummingbird that lives in the pine out front is not happy. I might have to move the seed sack from the pine tree out front to the tulip tree out back along with the other sock. While I love the sound of the finches and seeing them I wonder if I'll be able to keep feeding them if their numbers continue to climb.

The sock in the pine.

The sock in the tulip tree.


  1. Seedbags? Where perchance do you find these?

  2. The yellow ones are from the Foothill Feed and Seed 3293 Taylor Road
    Loomis, CA 95650-9582
    (916) 652-7121
    They come filled for around $9 each. They are double the size of the white ones at Walmart and hold the seed better.

  3. Bill if you have an afternoon take Venus up to Ikedas in Auburn, (great hamburgers) though extremely busy at lunch time, catch Taylor road in Newcastle and there are several nurseries to oogle on Taylor, and get your seed bags at Foothills. Get back on to 80 at Rocklin road not much else to see garden wise.