Monday, February 15, 2010

It's a Garden Again

Yesterday's work and shopping sprees netted the need to perform more work today but not before some fun last night. A mid 60s day doesn't only excite the gardener in me it excites the barbecuer in me. Fortunately it excited the barbecuer that is my 22 year old college age son of mine. He did the barbecueing of yard bird and I cooked the carrots, kale and potatoes from the garden. After dinner one more shopping trip was in order, a trip to Nugget Market to pick up a few bottles of Pliny the Elder. Sitting around a fire in the outdoor fire pit and downing a few Plinys just screams early spring. Waking up today meant a trip to Country Acres to get some organic fertilizer and look at the bareroot fruit trees. I was able to resist the Asian Pears as they were priced double that of every else I had looked. Their regular fruit trees were comparibly priced to elsewhere but for some reason the Asian Pears were more. Once home I finished preparing the garden, planted the brocolli and cauliflower plants, and planted some more sugar snap pea seed. I mulched with alfalfa and now have a garden again albeit 2 weeks earlier than I had planted.


The kale and lettuce less weeds and mulched with alfalfa

The brocolli and cauliflower nestled in alfalfa

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