Sunday, March 21, 2010

2 Projects Finally Done

After receiving a call thursday at 10 p.m. that my brother would be stopping by to visit atleast overnight from friday to saturday and possibly longer I had all but gave up on finishing these projects this weekend. Well we had a good visit and he left by 9:30 a.m. saturday so they were back on. First up was picking up 2 yards of planting mix to fill my friends and my potato planter boxes. The dirt was picked up, we filled his boxes at his house and I hurried home to fill mine before returning for a best hot wings contest and a few Pliny The Elders at his place. After awaking this morning at 8 a.m. and shaking the late night cobwebs off I went out and cut the grass to the dirt and cleaned out the loose dirt from the trenches on my front walk redo. I fired up my son's Ford truck and headed to pick up a yard of bark. I used the sheet mulching technique of "Garden Punks" but used packing paper instead of landscape burlap. Many of my neighbors came over to look at it and said how great it was that I was repurposeing the packing paper. Little do they know I'm just, as my wife says, a cheap bastard. Free is always better. We now have no turf there just some artichokes and 2 Asian Pear trees. My next door neighbor has now been tasked by his wife to plant two Asian Pear trees and bark there walk to match. She's not sure if the artichokes are a good sidewalk type plant. She's going to wait and see how mine look later. The metamorphisis of my landscape from visual to edible continues.

Fence planters full and waiting for the potatoes to get good eyes.

The new edible "Walk Garden"


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