Sunday, March 14, 2010

Can't Finish One Project? Start Another!

Today was the day to get the last three fence planters filled and ready for potatoes that are getting some good looking eyes. My friend had secured a very good deal per yard on some planting mix via his uncle's friend. He tried calling and could not get an answer so I decided to take my truck to the place since it said they were open on their web site. I arrived to a locked gate and a sign that says under new ownership. I guess my friend will have to pick it up tomorrow. After finding the place closed I headed to my friends anyway to steal some sand from him for my root vegetable bed. After a little BSing I was heading home when I decided to stop at a couple nurseries. The first one was not a big deal as their fruit trees were $24.00 each. I stopped at the second on in Penryn just to look and asked the gentleman about his Asian Pear stock. He had 2 varieties 20th Century amd Sheinko. He said it was the last of his bare root stock and I could have them for $12 each. I couldn't resist. A couple gas station ATM visits and I had cash in hand (the first one was broken). Returned and picked up the trees, got a little advice and was on my way to the Home Depot for Kellogg Tree Planting Mix. Once home I dug out the edge of the grass between curb and sidewalk. I then dug the holes for the two pear trees plus the three artichokes I'll buy tomorrow. The trees were put in the ground and the project was called until tomorrow. I'll pick up the artichokes tomorrow and plant them. Then I'm going tp sheet mulch (learned from Gardenpunks blog)the grass and bark next weekend. Thank God for the extra hour of sunlight to start getting all my other things done. After the tree planting I went and picked up a Pliny the Elder to celebrate Katie's progress, getting my pears planted and numb the pain that will exist in my legs and back after the digging.

Before Starting

Ready for artichokes, sheet mulching, and 2 yards of bark.

The lazy cat enjoys the sunlight.

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