Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Nice Weekend

This weekend I finally got around to getting my tomato seeds started. I guess better late than never. They should be fine as I'll be putting my tomatoes where my brocolli and cauliflower currently reside and they are taking their sweet time growing. Probably won't be coming out until mid-May so my late starts should be okay if they germinate. If not I guess I'll be visiting Capitol Nursery. This is the first time I have used a heat pad. Hopefully it greatly increases the successful seedlings. I have Grey Zucchini, and the following tomatoes in the tray; Black Krim, Abe Lincoln, Sudduth's Strain Brandywines, Cherokee Purple, Beefmaster, Giant Belgium, Sioux, Early Wonder, bar Willie, and Believe it or not.
I finally got the last two cheap planter boxes along the fence done and will fill them this week so they're ready for potatoes. These should last 5 years or so. At that time I'll replace them with 36 foot of the plastic manufactured decking type wood.

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  1. Seed potatoes "All Blue" and "Cranberry Red" purchased at Peaceful Valley Nursery in Nevada City are the BOMB. Makes the best french fries known to mankind. Even though I'm not supposed to be having french fries anymore....