Monday, July 13, 2009

Excitement then Letdown X 2

Woke up saturday and remembered it was the Annual Toyota Landcruiser Swap Meet in Petaluma. Problem was I had slept in. Left Roseville headed to Petaluma around 11. I figured I had plenty of time to get there, look around and get in the raffle. Driving through Petaluma I noticed an Heirloom Seed Store off the main drag. Plans were made to stop on the way back. Arrived at the swap meet at 1:30 and many sellers were already packed up. The raffle was set to start. Bought $20 worth but no winners. Oh well I thought I'll be picking up some great heirloom vegetable seeds on the way back. Parked 3 blocks from the store and walked there. Alas, they are only open monday through friday. What a bummer. Ended up eating at a mexican restaurant then headed home. When I got home I realized I had missed the Filipino Food Festival at the Placer Fairgrounds. Bummer again.

Tonight I prepared a Garden Pizza again as well as a BBQ Chicken Pizza.


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