Saturday, July 25, 2009

Finally Potatoes and the Tomatoes are Going Crazy to Keep Me Sane

This week the tomatoes are coming ripening at an alarming rate. I'll be vacationing next week so I'll be doing a huge harvest sunday, putting many in the trailer to head to the coast and hoping my young adult children keep the garden watered next week. The garden has been providing much joy and work to keep myself sane in the midst of impending salary cuts and possibly a huge cut to my health insurance stipend. The looming 15-17% total makes finding more places to cut expenses a major priority. This all on top of making a 5% expense cut already earlier this year. I love the stress release a garden brings. Of course a week of listening to the waves crash while drinking fine microbrews and visiting friends will go along ways also. Here's some pics from the week.

My small potatoe harvest of blue potatoes.
kennebeck blues

Some more great garden pizzas

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes





abraham lincoln

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