Sunday, July 19, 2009

Harvest, Company, Talk of Other Garden Climates , Trip to Old Sacramento, and Some Yard Pictures

It's been a full week around here with out of state company, a big barbeque with local relatives, and an anniversary of 23 years. My brother came in from Washington and visited for four days and much of the talk was of gardens. They have not even started to get tomatoes or anything but will start soon. They loved being able to eat fresh heirlooms such as mortgage lifter, brandywine, and cherokee purple as well many different varieties of bell peppers and squash. Of course the good side of living in a cooler climate is they have lettuce, cauliflower and broccolli going right now along with their tomatoes and corn. I dreamed of living in southwestern Washington out in the country when I was young and even went as far as to purchase a small 2 bedroom home in my late teens. I went their to work each summer cutting, rtaking, bailing hay, as well as working at dairies.It was not to be as I married and stayed in Roseville. I've been married 23 years and as this weekend was our anniversary we went to Old Sacramento to hit up Joe's Crab Shack and do a little shopping for eccentric garden decor. Joe's food and atmosphere was awesome. We split the 2 person classic bucket. Shopped around and she picked out a butterfly mobile for inside the house while I added to my vintage looking signs. The harvest this week has been great with the heirlooms, bell peppers, and banana squash really coming on.

The Banana Squash Haul
banana squash 7/19

Bell Peppers Still Loaded even after given up many for grilled vegetables for 14 people

Potatoes dying off after a confused tomatoe worm stripped their leaves. There are some potatoes under there though.

The already in place vintage look sign

The new additions


Some Miscellaneous Yard Pics

Kikko the Mini Garden Mutt

Our low cost Garden Show Type Patio Addition

Some Skulls (1 found the other 2 supplied wonderful wild pork)

Palms and Fountain

Redneck Garage Ornament

My Playtoy


  1. Where did that sign come from (boobs)? I must have that sign! Please tell me where you got it! That's just freaking gorgeous man! I've got something similar hanging in my GarageMahal. You can see it at the link posted below:

    I want that sign! :)

  2. It came from a store in Old Sacramento. I'll look on the bag when I get home.

  3. Bill:Evangelines on K street in Old Sacramento.

  4. Greg,

    Got it. I'll check them out. The wife said "no way" to that sign because, in her words, "it will just allow you to kick me out of the house."

    My wife is so modest. She does just fine in that department. No complaints at all here. But, she is the wife, and that means, the boss of all things.

    I like how your peppers are doing, especially in those pots! You're loaded!


  5. My wife was there when I bought it. She knows I would never use it throw her out. It took too long to get her to ignore my wierd ways.