Monday, August 3, 2009

As The Garden Turns

After returning from a much needed vacation it is time to return my attention to morphing the garden from summer to fall. The sunflowers are done growing, the dill has went to seed and the bell peppers are not continuing to flower with this cooler weather. The tomatoes continue to produce even though it is cool. It's time to start seedlings for broccolli, cauliflower and cabbage. I want to try some fall potatoes that need to go in now so they will be ready for a november harvest. I need to have a clear spot to plant sugar snap peas come november. First things first is to pull the sunflowers and thoroughly weed the areas so they'll be ready when the seedlings are. I'm going to add sand and steer manure to my carrot and radish area and I'm going to build a few planters to grow lettuce so it will no longer take up room in the main garden.

My son did a great job of keeping everything watered. He probably did a little too well of a job of giving away the tomatoes as evidenced by the small amount I was able to harvest today.
8/3 harvest

The tomatoes continue to grow and produce.


The squash continues to grow and produce as well.

Time to pull these sunflowers and prepare for cauliflower and broccolli.

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