Saturday, August 8, 2009

A last Time Rockfishing this Spot at the Farallons

I put off finishing the repairs on the trailer and getting the old garden plants out and getting ready for a fall garden to enjoy some rockfish fishing. With thursdays DFG Commission vote being spurred on by a possible forced resignation and last minute appointment by Arnold"The Horrible" Governor, 30 areas will be closed to any human interaction (fishing, hunting, or diving) except driving over them in a boat. All the above mentioned activities are so regulated that their impact is negligible. These individuals thinking they can return California to a state of 100 years ago will ruin this state and the state economy. Enough of the soapbox.

We headed out from Roseville at 3:30 am bound for Emeryville and the New Salmon Queen charter boat. I took a motion sickness strip the night before and another in the morning. I have never tried this brand before. We payed, boarded the boat, got bait loaded, and headed out for the 3 hour ride to the Farallon Islands. Once out there the fishing was great. There were limits for all of olives, blues, coppers, browns, reds and even a couple of lings for one lucky angler. We were done out at the Farallons in 2 hours so we headed back to the bay to try a little halibut fishing even though the tides were not perfect. I slept all the way back with only a couple of wakeups. Only 2 halibut were caught and the only legal sized, 24" long, went to the afore mentioned lucky angler. I always love coming into the Bay under the Golden Gate Bridge and passed Alcatraz. After the trip I could barely stay awake on the way home. I dozed off several times. Thank god I did not have to drive. I never left the couch after getting home and went to bed by 10 and slept until 8 a.m. Needless to say I'll never use that brand of motion sickness medicine again. I am looking forward to any meals of rockfish fillets to include tacos and a fish stew. Now back to work on fixing the trailer, pulling garden plants that are done, weeding, and getting my broccolli, etc. seedlings started.

Friend and son's reds
phil and ben

Coming up to the Golden Gate
golden gate

Peninsula in the Bay. I would guess these homes are not priced for the frugal.

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