Sunday, August 9, 2009

Finnally Another Garden Post

I spent most of the weekend working on clearing a spot for the fall garden, doing some maintenance and repairs on the trailer and also some dreaded yard work. The trailer required some Snowroof as I have never fully coated the roof only treated the leaks. I also tried to be frugal and bought a toilet valve off Ebay to hopefully fix the problem with it. It did fix the problem however another one popped up and it will be easier, yet more expensive, to just replace the old toilet with a new one. I.m down to just a couple of more trailer "fixes" and she'll be a gem.
The garden work consisted of harvesting quite a few eggplant first. After that I dumped the soil out of my garbage can potato growers and planned to level it out and get ready to plant. However I have decided to build some frugal Bill Bird style raised planters. I will eventually put 32' worth along my fence. For now I am going to put in 16' worth for a fall lettuce bed and maybe sugar snap peas. In my old garden area I added 6" of sand and 6" of compost. I will add 2-3 bags of steer manure and till it all together to improve my root vegetable bed. I also took out all the dead sunflowers and weeded to make way for broccolli, cabbage, and cauliflower. I need to get my seeds started tomorrow night and till in the root vegetable bed and get it planted.

The root vegetable bed ready for steer manure and tilling.
root vegetable bed

The compost awaiting the Bill Bird style raised beds.
raised beds

Room made for fall brocolli, cauliflower and cabbage.


The last living sunflower.
last sunflower

I have been trying to get pictures of the finches that come to eat seeds but only have got one of this humming bird.


The ham.

Filthy legs but a garden work cleansed soul.

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