Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Coast, Too Much Frugality, A 30 Year Old Trailer, and Rest

Started the much needed summer vacation tuesday morning in a caravan with 2 friends in RVs also. Just about Dunnigan I found out I'd been a little too wishful and frugal thinking I could make it one more trip on my tires. I had one tire shred to pieces. I put on the spare and decided to not chance it but to head back to Woodland to purchase 4 new tires. By the time I made Les Scwabs I had another flat. Big props to Les Scwabs for getting me back on the road within an hour and a half. $570 poorer I headed for Fort Bragg. The rest of the ride there went smoothly. After setting up at Green Acres campground I noticed water was soaking my carpet. The mountain bike packs shoved in a bottom compartment had broken a 30 year old water hose "T". A trip to the Fort Bragg RV store and $30 later I was set to install my new set up. While installing the 2 "T"s I had fabricated I accidentally broke a 3rd one. Another trip to the RV store and $7 and I finished the install. During this whole "project" I discovered my toilet valve was allowing water into the tank continuously. Since the RV guy said the replacement valve was no longer available (30 year old toilet) the decision was made to turn the shutoff valve on the toilet and use the campground bathrooms exclusively, even when awaking at 3a.m. still full of ales, Long Island Ice Teas, and shots of Cabo Wabo Anejo. After the initial mishaps the time at Fort Bragg was wonderful with beach walks, mountain biking, walking the shops, visiting, wildlife watching, and playing Ladder Toss. We had great camp made meals including veggies brought from home as well as a trip to Jenny Giant Burger and the Lost Coast Brewery Brew Room Restaurant. The funniest event of the trip was when the beverage girl at Lost Coast dropped a Diet Coke in my wife lap. It was also good for alot of free food for my wife. This morning came too soon and we packed to return to Roseville. On the way back the fender skirt on the trailer came loose and I had to stop and repair that. We arrived home and I discovered a couple of things inside that had come loose. Now I have alot of trailer repairs to do in addition to getting my fall seedlings started. I think in 4 years when my youngest is done with college I might have to move up to a 20 year old trailer. Here's a few pictures from the trip. I'll write up an entry on the garden later.

California Quail

Small Forked Horn Coastal Blacktail



fog westport

My second and third generation cousins fishing for grunion

An old piano put out to pasture

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